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August 12, 2015

Let me welcome you on my first blogpost of this website which was opened just a couple of days ago. At first I would like to explain my "why". Why I created a WordPress plugin which sends welcome emails and is it really such a big deal?

I've been running my own website Presta-theme-maker.com for the past 3 years and after some time I realized I wasn't in contact with my members unless they contacted me. I wanted to ask them, if everything is running correctly, if they are happy with the website, but it was difficult to keep track of sending so many emails.

That's why I got the idea of creating "WP Automated Emails" plugin. To make it easier for all of us to maintain good relationships with our customers!

What is the basic WordPress welcome email?

"Wordpress already sends automated emails right after registration," you may think. That is true, but the email is very basic. It looks something like this:

Wordpress basic welcome emails
WordPress basic welcome email


What would you reply to this kind of email? Exactly. There's nothing to say. It's just cold information about the registration, nothing less, nothing more.

Real welcome email

However, on my project Presta-theme-maker.com now I send this kind of welcome message:

Hi {first_name},

welcome aboard!!! 🙂 My name is Andrej Staš, I'm the guy behind this project. I just want to let you know that you can contact me anytime you have any problem or feedback. You are important to me, so let me know if you need any help.

The contact form is right here: http://presta-theme-maker.com/contact/

Have a great day and I hope you will like your new theme 🙂

Kind regards,



I believe this kind of message starts a real relationship with the customer as he/she knows where to contact me in case of some trouble and also know my name. Most importantly, my new members are sure there's a real person somewhere behind a computer who can answer their questions.

Are you using s2Member plugin?

In case you are using s2Member, I have a special version for you on s2emails.com. You can find there the same plugin, but also with ability to send renewal reminders.

How can you send welcome emails by WP Automated emails?

Download the plugin from this website, upload it to your Plugins folder and install. That's it, the installation is really simple.

I prepared a short video, which gives you the idea what the plugin can do for you.

Send also educational emails, ask for feedback

My intention was not to create a plugin to send only one single welcome email. You can send so many useful messages after you get a new member! How about creating a short course of 5 emails about how to use your website, introduce your most popular posts or ask to fill in a form to get feedback?

In specific cases you can use these automated emails as part of your product. If you are selling information, you can gradually send them by emails to your newly registered users who paid before registration!

So my point it - there are many different situations when this plugin can become handy.

If I get back to my Presta Theme Maker website again, I personally created several "welcome emails" which I send:
- immediately after registration
- 3 days after registration
- 7 days after registration

I ask my customers for their feedback, I offer them help if needed and remind them to download their themes (which they can create on the website).

So that's for my introduction! In the next blogpost I would like to focus how to set the cron job in order to use this plugin (although it's not required).

See you! 🙂

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